Caz Tod-Pearson – Director

I am a New Zealander who came to the US to participate in Mission Year back in 2004. Through my work with Mission Year I was introduced to The Simple Way and I moved to Kensington to pursue community with friends and neighbors in 2008.


I love the energy that comes when we come together for celebrations and events, as much as I love quiet contemplative moments.

Kristen Prasetyo-utomo – operations administrator

I spend most of my time dealing with finances. I love seeing numbers match up. I love seeing a balanced budget. I believe that one way we can honor God is by being responsible with what God has given us. I love that my job's focus is to do just that.

Maria Nieves – Emergency Services coordinator


I moved onto Potter St. and visited the food pantry. After being on the food line several weeks, I saw all the hard work that went into putting those emergency food bags together and I felt compelled to help. In 2011, after several months of volunteer work, I was offered a position at The Simple Way and I felt it was a blessing. I felt I had arrived home and that I was being given the chance to do what I loved-help those in need!


Miguel Diaz – Food Distribution coordinator

I've been living in my neighborhood for 25 years. I know what you feel when you’re struggling; it keeps me going to give food to our neighbors. My dream is that kids in the neighborhood will have safety and security.

Katiejo claiborne – bookstore manager


Courtney Moe – administrative Assistant

One of the things I love most about TSW is being a place of gathering for our friends and neighbors. I love that we get sit and chat with folks over coffee and baked goods. This is a time where we truly get to share our lives together and I really value that quality time.