We are a small organization supporting neighbors in building a neighborhood we’re all proud of in Kensington, Philadelphia.

We celebrate together. We garden and work to make our neighborhood beautiful. We collaborate locally in practical ways, like working for food security and connecting people with nearby resources. When we run into bigger systems that throw obstacles in our neighbors’ way, we advocate for systemic change together. Ultimately, we envision all of our neighbors coming to a place of security that enables growth and flourishing.

We started when a group of friends moved into Kensington who felt motivated to love and care for people in our neighborhood and around the world. Now, we’re a mix of folks who grew up in Kensington and others who became neighbors more recently. But our work is still rooted in a genuine love for our neighbors and relationships where we enjoy each others’ strengths.

Bring it Home

We’re so honored to have a story that inspires others to act. Has our story sparked a desire for you to follow Jesus every day with your body, in your town?

We encourage you to go for it! Even as we focus locally, we want to see others equipped and active in their own neighborhoods. We do that by partnering with others who offer tools and strategies.